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Your dog featured in front of my lens !

Timeless black or white background + colored background of your choice

300 € / hour - 10 retouched photos

Anderlecht - Brussels

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How does a studio session go ?

Having your dog photographed is the guarantee of a moment full of laughter and complicity !

The session will take place at my home (Anderlecht) and will allow you to take a first series of elegant photos of your companion on a neutral background (charcoal gray or white), then a second series of more fun photos on a colored background. You will have the choice between blue, pink, yellow and green.

The owner's participation is required : to obtain successful photos, the owner will have to assist me in capturing the dog's attention, communicating with him and putting him at ease.

The well-being of the dog being essential to me, the session (duration, type of lighting, variety of poses) will adapt to the abilities of your faithful friend.

So, are you ready ?


General information

A photo session takes place in Anderlecht and lasts approximately one hour.

However, I advise you to reserve a slot of an hour and a half in your schedule: some dogs like to take their time !

Dogs will have access to a fenced garden, several breaks and a water bowl.

I also have a brush, towel and treats.

Before the shoot

A few days before the session, it's the opportunity to go to the groomer! Make sure his eyes are clear. On the big day, remember to bring their favorite toy. Finally, just before the session, a walk is recommended, just to let off some steam for your Doggie.

During the shooting

The session begins with introductions : we will take the time to reassure the dog and introduce him to the premises. Then, everyone participates: you will help me guide your dog with the commands he knows, you will attract his attention with a toy or treats ! There will be laughter and encouragement !

After the shooting

Once the most beautiful poses have been immortalized, a surprise awaits you !

One week of patience and you will receive ten retouched photos in High Definition by email.

You can have them developed up to a size of 50 by 70 cm.

You will be able to purchase additional photos for €10 each.

A question ? Write me an email !